Pairing Chocolate & Tea | A Match Made in Heaven

Chocolate and Tea Pairings

Afternoon Tea doesn’t have to always be shortbread cookies or tiny cakes. Try these Organic Single Origin Chocolates with your favorite tea, we guarantee you it will be a match made in heaven. 

Like wines, to choose the right pairing, remember that the fuller the tea—think black and green teas—the darker and more complex the chocolate should be.

Here are our recommendations:

PURE DARK 100%: Lapsang Souchong from India, heavily smoked tea or Oolong tea, a robust match

INTENSE DARK 85%: Masala Chai with its wonderful winter spices combination will pair great with this powerful chocolate but with soft floral notes in the back.

VELVETY DARK 73%: Earl Grey, you’ll never go wrong with this classic pairing.

DARK 80% with Matcha Green Tea: try this chocolate with a nuttier green Dragon well tea.

DARK 80% with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Assam or Earl Grey black tea

DARK 80% with Coconut and Vanilla: Mint Tea: the chocolate will bring out the sweet, clean flavors in mint tea. Do you want something spicier? try Ginger tea.

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