RECIPES with Belcolade Belgian Chocolates & VEGAN Organic chocolates

  • VEGAN Dark Chocolate Pancakes

    Start your day off right with a stack of VEGAN CHOCOLATE PANCAKES! Not only are they fluffy, sweet, and filled with chocolate, but they are also made with natural ingredients, and non-hydrogenated oil for a vegan pancake recipe that you can feel better about serving the family.
    Perfect for an indulgent breakfast or brunch. Eggless and dairy-free.
  • VEGAN White Chocolate Dipped Donuts

    Our Vegan White Chocolate Dipped Donuts are pretty in pink and topped with edible flowers. A beautiful dessert, breakfast or snack. Vegan donuts, fluffy, sweet, baked, and super easy to prepare! Once you've tasted these irresistibly treats there'll be no going back!
  • Holiday Candy Cane Fudge

    Smooth, chocolatey, filled with peppermint and with a crunchy top, this melt in your mouth Candy Cane Fudge is the perfect edible gift to make this...
  • Scaredy-Cat Chocolate Brownies

    This year, trick out your treats by serving up a platter of these spooky brownies. In this recipe, intense unsweetened cocoa powder and caramel-y b...
  • Vegan Chocolate Halloween Popcorn

  • Vegan White Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Delicious and healthy Vegan white chocolate chip cookies. go perfectly with a cup of tea or a chocolate drink.

  • Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

    Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes made with Organic dark 100% sugar-free chocolate. Decadent rich and moist cupcakes. Easy to make in 7 steps.
  • Three Valentine’s Day Chocolate Recipes

    Enjoy them with your partner, the family, or a group of friends. The most delicious way to end dinner is with a homemade chocolate dessert or a sweet treat. 

  • Thanksgiving Chocolate-Pecan Pie

    INGREDIENTS: All-purpose flour, for work surface Pie Dough 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup dark corn syrup ...
  • S’mores Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

    A fun twist on traditional campfire S’mores but no campfire is required to make these tasty cupcakes. Topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and real marshmallows, which gives these an authentic s’mores flavor. 
  • Easy Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

    Easy chocolate ice cream recipe from Martha Stuart. It's the perfect summer treat.
  • Chocolate Chunks Cookies | Made with Belcolade Belgian Baking Chocolate

    The combination of chocolate (chunks of chocolate + residual chocolate bits and powder) creates an interesting texture and enhance the chocolate intensity of the classic chocolate cookie.